About Yvette

Yvette has been a freelance non-fiction writer for about 18 years. During her career, Yvette has written copy for businesses of all sizes. Her clients have included doctor’s offices, nursing homes, politicians, financial companies, print magazines, websites,and the State of Arizona.

Yvette is the author of Web Geek’s Guide to Google Chrome (Que, 2009), with Jerri Ledford, and Google Secrets (Wiley, 2011)

While Yvette continues to write non-fiction as a way to share her extensive knowledge and personal experience on the topic of natural health, she is, once again, following the call of the fiction writer. Many moons ago her very first experiences with publishing were works of fiction. Those works have been long forgotten in the ever drifting winds of time, covered by the soil, branches and rotting leaves of experience. Once again the sprouts of fiction have risen from the depths of her soil to meet the air and blossom in the bright sunlight.

When she’s not spreading her love of the health benefits of all things natural or creating worlds and people just to subject them to adversity, Yvette can be found imparting knowledge and wisdom on her homeschooled children, making music with the local orchestra, training her dogs, or being trained by her cats.


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